Live streaming is an easy way for creators to reach your community in real-time and earn additional revenue by enabling ads and using Super Chat. You can use mobile, webcam, or encoder to go live.

How to enable live stream

  1. Go to YouTube.

  2. Click Create > Go live.

  3. If you haven't already, follow the prompts to verify your channel.

Enabling your first live stream may take up to 24 hours.

Three types of streams

  • Mobile: good for vlogging and quick updates from your phone or tablet.

  • Webcam: quickly live stream from your computer using a webcam.

  • Encoder: stream gameplay, overlays, and use hardware like preamps, mics, and cameras.

Ads on Live streams

Live streams can be eligible for:

  • Pre-roll ads run before the live stream, viewable on mobile and a computer.

  • Mid-roll ads run during the live stream, can be manually inserted during computer streams.

  • Display and overlay ads run beside or over content, viewable on a computer.

How to trigger mid-roll ads

  1. Open YouTube Studio.

  2. Click Create > Go live.

  3. Start a live stream now from the Stream tab or schedule a live stream from the Manage tab.

  4. From the top, click Edit > Monetization.

  5. Choose a monetization setting.

  6. Click Save.

To play an ad during your stream, tap Insert Ad from the top right.

Note that mid-rolls ads are currently not available for mobile and webcam live streams.

Restrictions on live streaming

  • Your channel needs to have at least 1000 subscribers to be able to live stream on mobile.

  • Your channel needs to be verified to enable live streaming.

  • Your live stream is subject to Community Guidelines strike, can be blocked globally, and may get copyright takedown.

  • If you have an active strike on your channel, live streaming, as well as other features, are disabled.

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