Why we're doing this 🎉

To celebrate Enfinity's recent growth and to bring awareness to the fact we are now openly signing our next annual roster of talented YouTube Creators for a limited time, we are giving away five (yes, five) PS5 Consoles back to the Creator Community. *We'll ship the PS5s globally.

When we're doing this 🗓

We're running this promotional event until all the PS5s are shipped.

How we're doing this 🤔

As a Creator, you probably have an established audience and a tight-knitted community of fellow collaborators and likeminded individuals in your social circles. In order to bring awareness to Enfinity Network's amazing value offerings on YouTube, we're calling all creators to tap into their creator communities and refer 3 qualified creators to our Creator Partnership Program.

Enfinity's Creator Partnership Program requirements are as follows:

  • No copyrighted content

  • Have an active AdSense account with a good monetization standing on YouTube

  • 500,000 monthly views in the last 30-days according to SocialBlade

What you need to do 📝

1) Email theo@enfinity.co — our awesome Director of Growth — expressing your interest in this Community Event (*you must be a YouTube creator or have connections with several established YouTube creators).

1.5) Already a part of our refer-a-creator program? Please skip steps 1 and 2 👌

2) Our team will provide you with a customized refer-a-creator link

3) Send out your refer-a-creator link and refer 3 channels to the Network (* they must meet the requirements we outlined above)

4) We'll contact you for a shipping address, and then we ship your PlayStation 5! 📫

We expect that these consoles will ship quickly, so good luck to all of those who decide to partake, and we look forward to hearing from you!

* Consoles remaining as of March 15, 2021 4 out of 5

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